Our Domains

We focus on what we do best.

At Quanta,

We partner with ambitious Chief Executives and their teams to deliver what others might regard as unreasonable improvements in business performance.


Our work is typically transformational – in terms of top line growth, operational effectiveness and sustainable improvements in profit. We work at pace from the shop floor to the boardroom, we get into important detail and we really make things happen in a refreshing way.


We know, because we insist on measuring it, that our projects have added significantly to the bottom lines of our clients’ businesses.

Who We Serve

We work across a number of sectors to jointly design and implement programmes that tackle top business priorities. Our diverse experience includes programmes that deliver clear top line growth, transform sales, improve customer service levels or increase operational efficiency across the board.


Our work can be within a single function or across the entire business. In every case, our focus is on achieving large hikes in performance in a truly sustainable way. We also insist on these improvements being verified – if they don’t appear in your accounts, they don’t count.


Whichever industry you are in, your experience with Quanta will be based on joint working in a vibrant partnership. Together we will inspire your team and create unreasonable and lasting results.


For a taste of the kind of work we do, please use the links to the left.


Delivering construction excellence

The construction sector is facing ever-increasing pressure to deliver projects reliably and efficiently. At the same time, it is having to tackle new challenges such as management of waste, the scarcity of skilled labour and the growing complexity of projects and the environment in which they must be delivered.


We have a good record of working in the construction sector. We have a deep understanding of the key issues which allows us to bring powerful tried and tested techniques to bear.


We always work collaboratively in teams that span the site and boardroom and often find that re-establishing the communications lines between the two is the key to enabling sustainable operational improvements. We also find that while senior management are often aware of the areas of potential improvement, they are often surprised by the scale of opportunity.

Financial Services

Valued insight, valuable outcomes

Financial Services industry is facing uncertain times. The threat of a global recession as many firms looked to expand their footprint, the aftermath of the credit crunch as others looked to grow through acquisition, and softened consumer confidence as many looked to embark on far-reaching and expensive change programmes. At the same time there are increasing cost pressures as better informed customers with greater choice become harder to retain or attract; regulatory changes in response to market conditions and concerns over exposure, and a market that is expanding its reach, consolidating its providers and diversifying its channels.


As a result, institutions’ responses to their customers’ needs and shareholders’ demands must be agile and incisive. Quanta provides a combination of proven methodology and pragmatic application to deliver tangible results. On time, every time.


Quanta’s Financial Services practice brings together robust programme management disciplines and cutting-edge sector insights through our continued exposure to the industry’s most pressing business challenges. Our consultants have a wealth of experience both in programme delivery and line management roles within Financial Services, enabling them to add true value in client solutions.


Our track record in delivering robust solutions with enduring benefit provides our clients with confidence, and is the bedrock of our established partnerships and our delivery pedigree becomes your success.


Going beyond lean in manufacturing

What do you do when you’re already recognised as a leader in your industry but the competition is snapping at your heels? How do you get even more out of your lean manufacturing and supply processes? How do you get everyone performing at or near the best – across geographies and across brands?


Our clients come to us looking for answers to all of these questions. They can be suffering from high stock levels, product obsolescence, long lead times, unacceptable damage levels and increasing distribution costs. These situations may be complicated by a disparate and inexperienced management organisation.


We pull a joint team together from across the supply chain and model options to improve processes, optimise the supply base and eliminate waste. Through attention to detail, tenacious implementation and a willingness to challenge, Quanta will deliver significant improvements in operating margins. This enables our clients once more to move out in front of the competition.


Driving competitiveness

Beyond the traditional challenges of driving sales and profits, today’s retailers are having to wrestle with increasing competition, multi-channel innovation and the need to be and be seen to be sensitive to fair trade and environmental issues.


Our work with some of the leading retailers has given us unique insights into what matters when it comes to implementing and accelerating real transformation in retail. Our experience embraces the entire value chain.

Telecoms & Media (T&M)

Improving business performance

The telecoms and media marketplace is in the midst of an exciting transformation. The digital revolution is blurring the lines between the traditionally disparate worlds of communications, broadcasting and IT/Technology. The availability of huge volumes of digital content combined with ubiquitous fixed and mobile broadband and the plethora of end devices from which it can be accessed is radically changing the way we live our lives. This offers unprecedented opportunity to Telecoms & Media organisations but demands strategic focus, innovative business models and new capabilities and skills.


Quanta brings a unique combination of “blue chip” consulting expertise balanced with deep sector specific experience. The T&M team have either spent the majority of their careers with leading consultancies or were Senior Managers/Directors in the T&M industry before becoming consultants. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit they combine freshness of thinking with an unyielding focus on delivery.


Between them they have successfully delivered some of the industry’s most challenging programmes ranging from new product introduction, IT implementation and business integration for some of the world’s leading organisations including BT, BBC, Vodafone, ITV, Orange, Reuters, 3, C&W and Sky.

Who We Work With

We are at our best working with ambitious organisations that want to stay ahead of their competition or drive significant improvements in the bottom line. We focus on the things that really matter to them.


Like us, our clients value honesty, make decisions quickly and understand that it takes authority to make things happen. They also recognise that it is vital to work together in a trusted relationship if we are to get the most from our time and joint investment.


We are proud to have worked with many leading companies in the UK and elsewhere and our clients are the best advertisement for what we do and the results we can achieve.